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If pet services would be taught at University, Larissa would be Master of Catsitting. She already claims to have earned a degree as interpreter for cat communication (cat- human / human – cat) with honors.

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Stephanie grew up with cats around her from Kindergarden. Since moving to Vienna and separating from her cat at home, she has been constantly looking for the beloved "cat contact" - whether buying extra cat food for street cats on vacation or sitting with cats here in our team.

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Céline first had contact with cats at the age of 5 and the initial fear of the unknown animal quickly turned into great enthusiasm and love. Since then, she and cats have been inseparable. With a lot of love and patience she was able to win over even the shyest cat.

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"Everybody wants to be a cat...

Because a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at"... if you are looking for a loving, singing and playful cuddling expert for your Aristocat(s), Agneta might be the right choice.

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Isabella was practically born with a love for cats. She always enjoys being around cats and would love to have one again herself - but until then she's looking forward to sittings full of cuddles and cuddles. With her, all cats are spoiled and showered with love.



Animals and human beings are treated equally fair and respectful in Julian‘s philosophy. Wether he will be reciting poems multilingually, doing a dance-off or stroking and cuddling with much love just depends on the cat‘s wishes.



Silvie wants to offer all cats an all-inclusive carefree package when their can openers are away – because they deserve nothing else. True to the motto “cat is king/queen”, they are properly stroked and played with, so that the time without cat mom or cat dad flies by.

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„All cats are beautiful“ is my motto. I just think they are all adorable and I'm always happy to meet new Meowzis Muzis, Mukkis, Fluffies, Kitties, Minkas, Mietzis, Stritzies...

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If there is one thing I love it is cats as I grew up with them. To my great luck, I have one at home myself and am therefore usually very good at planning long vacations in advance. So if you want me to take good care of your kitties, then I am your reliable partner and will devote all my attention to your fluffy ball. I'm looking forward to meeting all cats and am excited to meet new friends!