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Maneki Neko

The price per visit depends on how many days you’re away.

Prices from January 1st 2024 

Initial consultation and get to know meeting

under 5 days


under 14 days

14 and more days

3 or more cats

Holidays & Sundays (incl. 24.12. & 31.12.) are charged

Service fee




20 EUR per visit

19 EUR per visit

18 EUR per visit

+1 EUR per visit

+2 EUR per visit

20 EUR per contract

Please note: travel time + length of visit with your cat = one hour. For travel times of more than 40 minutes, care is in some cases also possible with aliquot fees. 

Upon agreement, we charge 10€ traveling costs for the service of picking up / returning the keys. If the customer terminates the contract, cancellation fees may apply.

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