mareikeMareike is a little cat-freak. She wants to have cat motifs everywhere and spend as much time as possible with cats. Many cats already voted for her: “Best cuddles”.

tillmannTilman doesn’t own a cat but he is always ready and willing to sit a cat if necessary. He is particularly interested in playing a beautiful song on his guitar for lonely cats and have a nice talk with them until the cat parents are back.

lauraLaura, an aspiring vet, turned into a cat lover when her parents finally adopted Micio (her beloved tomcat) into the family after a lot of begging. Most cats suspect he is the reason Laura started studying veterinary medicine.

benniBenjamin had his first contact with cats in his early years when his cat was literally put into his craddle. Because of his calm nature he wins the trust of cats easily and loves to cuddle them until their owners return home.