Checklist for the initial consultation

  • Food and water:: Where are the food and water-bowls? Which and how much food? Treats? Dietary supplements?
  • Medication: Which medication? How is the medication administered?
  • Litter trays: Where are the litter trays? Cat litter disposal?
  • Rooms: Which rooms are allowed for the cat?
  • Cat’s habits: Brushing, playing (favourite toy?), petting, …
  • Additional services: Updates about the cat’s condition via SMS or E-Mail? Water plants? Empty the mailbox?
  • Hand-over of keys: Please show every lock and test the keys

Please make sure that the following is prepared

  • Enough food, treats, medication, etc.
  • Clean food- and water-bowls
  • Cat litter to refill
  • Cleaning stuff: dust pan and hand brush, cloth, kitchen roll, spot remover, etc.
  • Trash bags (big and small)
  • Vaccination card
  • Name and phone-number of your vet
  • Your phone-number or e-mail-adress on which you’re available during your absence
  • Name and phone-number of a contact person in Vienna (preferably with a spare set of keys)
  • Professional fee